Legoland ‘After Dark’
Show Spectacular



We were commissioned across four years to create a themed show spectacular for their visitors, for after the main park closed.  

The shows took place at the end of the Easter school holidays, one of the busiest times of the year, with over 20,000 in attendance.


The content featured the well-known characters listed below projected onto water screens and accompanied by lasers, fireworks and other pyrotechnics.  We wanted to keep the Lego characters at the centre of the show, but the addition of the other elements ensured a high-energy show to keep young children’s attention throughout.

Indiana Jones and The Emerald of Fire
The show incorporated video projection onto a water screen (featuring Lego Indiana Jones), four laser systems, lighting and pyro effects.

Lego Agents
The show was created with water screens, lighting, video effects and multiple laser systems. It was also the first ever use of Widescreen Water screen video, using edge blended video.

Ben 10 Alien Force
This show was based on the Ben 10 Alien Force cartoon and featured water screens with video projection, lasers, smoke machines and lighting.  There was a video projection onto the house on top of the park to promote the new Lego characters.

Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
To promote the new Lego Star Wars, we used video mapping projection onto the visitors centre.  The windows were covered with projection material and the content was projected using 20k projectors. The show also had lasers, smoke machines, lighting effects and pyro.