Wes has dedicated over 40 years to LCI Productions! This year signifies Wes’s retirement, and everyone at LCI Productions wishes to honour his remarkable commitment and contributions to the company throughout his tenure.

As we reflect on this milestone, we look forward to hearing from Wes about the standout moments and memories from his journey with us…

Can you walk us through your journey at LCI, from when you first started to where you are today?

When I first started at LCI, I was involved in building the laser systems and working on site at shows. The later years I’ve been based in the warehouse, looking after the equipment, and making repairs.

What initially drew you to LCI and how has the company changed over the years?

I initially worked for Barnes Aluminium and LCI took over the building, I spoke to Chris, LCI’s Chairman and he offered me a job which was great because I lived just down the road! We predominantly did laser shows back then but now we do water screens, holograms, immersive rooms, you name it.

Throughout your time with LCI, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishments or contributions?

I’d say designing, building, and refining the water screen systems over the years, the design is still used today and I’m proud of that.

Reflecting on your time with LCI, what are some of the most memorable projects or moments that stand out to you?

Some of the large projects abroad.  X’ian was really interesting, seeing the Terracotta army was one of the best things I ever saw. Going to Oman, it was so hot! Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria: It was beautiful and I’m sad to think of how these places have changed now.

I used to run lasers at dance parties in the eighties with the LCI Series 9 controller which was always fun. I also ran lasers for the special effects in Aliens, pushing a gas laser with water hoses and 3 phase power through the set – I won’t forget that!

How has the industry evolved during your tenure, and what challenges and opportunities have you witnessed?

Lasers were huge, 3 phase – 125-amp, water cooled with huge transformers but now you can run one on a 13amp socket.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in the industry, based on your own experience?

I would say, try to do as much as possible so you can learn as much as you can, and get opportunities to travel to interesting places. Work hard and you get great rewards and it’s exciting. You get out what you put in.

Can you share any lessons or insights you’ve gained over the years that have helped shape your approach to work and life.

Be punctual, be respectful and get on with what you are supposed to be doing. Have a positive attitude and work hard!

Looking ahead to retirement, what are you most excited about, and do you have any plans or aspirations for this next chapter of your life?

I’ve got quite a bit to do at home in the garden, and in the house! I’ll take the time to holiday and relax.

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