Halloween at Hampton Court 2023
3D Projection Mapping

3D Projections

We were back at Hampton Court this Halloween to deliver the palace’s third consecutive themed Halloween experience.

This year’s spectacle boasted eight historical-themed sections, seamlessly combining cutting-edge AV technology with immersive historical narratives to recount the gruesome tales of Hampton Court Palace’s infamous residents.

The Cowled Figure

“The Cowled Figure,” the chilling first part of the trail, was designed and installed by the palace themselves. This section involved recreating the 2016 sighting of a hooded figure within the palace’s security office. Utilising short-throw projectors, holograms and an elaborate sound system provided Pasteporte, the experience included a live camera feed with a ghostly apparition emerging from the security office door. Mock interviews with ghostly overlays further heightened the spine-tingling atmosphere. This was achieved using 3 x 55’’ Samsung Display Screen, 2 x CCTV Camera, 1 x Video Mixer, 2 x Brightsigns and 1 x Enttec S-Play and LED Uplighters.

The Gallery of the Damned

We transformed selected old paintings into a living nightmare in the “Gallery of the Damned.” Through projection and an immersive soundscape, the portraits depicted gruesome details, including creepy crawlies and the beheading of Anne Boleyn. Pasteporte complemented the visuals with a haunting soundscape, enhancing the macabre atmosphere. We delivered this using 4 x Casio UST Projector, 4 x BrightSigns, and 4 x Speakers and 1 x Enttec S-Play and LED Uplighters.

Battle of the Dead

The palace spearheaded the “Battle of the Dead” design and installation. Projecting gruesome battle scenes onto the entire ceiling of a grand room. The projection, supported by a 15k projector and immersive sound design, played out in cut-out window shapes, accompanied by the sounds of harrowing screams, gunshots and stabbings.

The Queens Drawing Room

This eerie section, inspired by Miss Havisham, featured 20 mannequins dressed in traditional tudor dress, representing Queen Anne’s court. The projected content and accompanying soundscape provided eerie depictions of creepy crawlies scuttling over dresses, and thunderous lighting cascading from above. We delivered this using 2 x Optoma 725TST, 4 x BrightSigns, and 4 x Speakers and 1 x Enttec S-Play and LED Uplighters.

Royal Séance

Using existing projectors, media players and lighting controls, we designed the “Royal Seance.” Enhanced by additional speakers, the seance involved a 2.5-minute medium voiceover, an interactive Ouija board summoning Anne Boleyn, and a dramatic scene with Henry VIII. We added 2 x BrightSigns and an Enttec S-Play and LED Uplighters to complete the solution.

Haunted Garden

We collaborated with the palace for set dressing, and Pasteporte provided a spooky soundscape for the “Haunted Garden.” Restrictions on indoor smoke led to the use of smokey bowls outside the palace, creating a chilling ambiance.

The Witches & The Alchemist

We introduced two new sections for this year. This included “The Witches,” based on the story of Macbeth, this featured a cauldron projection and holographic witches. We achieved this by using one  Optoma 725TST Projector, 2 BrightSigns, one Holofan, and Enttec S-Play  and Led uplighters

“The Alchemist” showcased a live performer experimenting with the dark arts to transform himself into different creatures. We contributed to this magical effect by using projection to cast shadows of the creatures he was becoming, with accompanying sound effects from hidden speakers that surrounded the audience. We achieved this by using one Optoma 725TST Projector, 1 BrightSigns,1  Holofan, and Enttec S-Play  and Led uplighters.