Halloween at Hampton Court Palace
3D Projection Mapping

Hampton Court is famous for being one of the most haunted buildings in Britain with its history reaching back to the 16th century. Its ghostly tales date back as far as Queen Catherine Howard, who is thought to roam inside the palace walls.

With its extensive dark history and paranormal sightings, it seemed only fitting for Hampton Court Palace to host a self-guided Halloween trail, which allowed daring families to explore some of the building’s most spooky rooms.

We were thrilled to be asked to bring this spine-chilling walk-through experience to life (or rather to death) by delivering a multimedia AV solution, splitting the concept installations across various rooms throughout the palace.

Working in collaboration with immersive experience designers and consultants, Pastporte, we used a variation of Casio projectors, BrightSign media players, JBL EON610 powered speakers and Showtec Compact Par 7 Tri LED uplighters to cast eerie projections of former palace residence and buried workmen. Along with frightening moving portraits and retellings of the darkest of ghost stories, a dedicated ‘Séance’ projection area which used a Enttec E-Streamer DMX recorder and Brightsign HD222 + Brightsign XT1144 media player projected images of a ouija board and other supernatural elements across the palace walls, to depict the chilling feeling of ectoplasmic presence.

We have been at the forefront of delivering 3D projection for many years with configurations for diverse venues across the world.

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