The premise for the film shoot was to showcase the new “Conscious” clothing line for H&M, the end client. International supermodel Natalia Vodianova was the subject of the shoot, being filmed against a creative backdrop.

The backdrop consisted of a 24-foot wide by 18-foot high projection screen by AV Stumpfl, onto which high frame rate video content was projected from behind. We reduced the chance of the film camera picking up projector hotspot by using a mirror system to project indirectly.


A bespoke system was designed and manufactured at our studio in the days leading up to the shoot, using a large state-of-the-art silver surface finish on an adjustable mount, specifically for this projection. The Christie 20,000 lumen projector was angled 90 degrees from the screen, and the mirror was used to angle the image.

The video content was a series of sky timelapse loops (provided by CoffeeandTV). Once these were loaded onto the media server, further colour correction and adjustments were made live through media server loaded with AV Stumpfl Wings 5 software. The flexibility of these types of software to make geometric and cosmetic changes to the video output to better suit the camera feed quickly without interrupting the flow of the shoot, and the creative direction of the director or DOP.

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