Bespoke Design

LCI have been designing and building fountain systems since 2004 for both fixed installations and events. Having previously worked with specialist fountain companies we sought more flexibility and innovative designs in order to deliver the best show for the customers and audience. The fountain systems we now offer use the latest technology components, coupled with design flexibility, and reliability, so we can ensure we build the right product for you.

LCI like to work closely with clients to make sure their vision for the project will be met, while ensuring the best choices are made to deliver a great product.  We have created and installed choreographed fountain displays around the world, as standalone attractions and as part of wider multimedia show.

Our Process

LCI will look at the layout of your site and audience area, and design the best fountain show to fit your location.  The fountain system will be designed as a 3D model, with animation, which we can share with you to discuss the design ideas, and get your input on any changes you would like prior to manufacture or build of the system. Multiple shows can be pre-programmed and visualised to ensure the best results.

The fountain systems are built using pumps, nozzles and valves from leading manufacturers, with an emphasis on quality and reliability. The fountain system pipework and support frames will be constructed from stainless steel or durable plastic as appropriate. Where necessary the fountains will be designed as a floating system.  The system design can be made for both fresh water and salt water.

The fountain system will be installed efficiently at the project site and then on site programming will be finalised so that your guests can enjoy a fantastic water show.