What is a Water Screen?

A Water screen is when science, nature and creativity come together! Water screens are a fascinating illusion of engineered projection technology paired with playful design, and it uses one of nature’s elements as its showpiece.

If we want to talk in more technical terms, a water screen is a projection medium that uses a thin film of water to project video content, lasers, and other lighting effects onto its surface. The water screen’s unexpected and instant appearance surrealistically placed in a body of water can both surprise and enchant audiences.

Water Screen Options

For Water Screen installations there are two types of screens typically used, The Hydro Screen and The Jet Screen.

1. The Hydro Screen

The Hydro Screen creates a semi circular spray of water suitable for rear projection with lighting, laser and video. The Hydro Water Screen is created by two borehole pumps driving into a single nozzle. These screens are suitable for advertising, big brand activation launches, theme park and leisure attractions as well as large corporate events.

A Hydro Screen

2. The Jet Screen

The Jet Screen consists of trident jet screen modules which can be used to create any width of screen. The Jet Screen gives much greater wind stability than a hydro screen, and is suitable for video, lighting and laser projection.

A Jet Screen

So, why would you want to use a Water Screen at an event?

Where water flows, anything goes…

Latitude Festival 2022

A Water Screen can be custom built to suit your requirements; systems could be fixed or floating, land based, in a lake, a pool or the sea. As long as there is a body of water and you have the dimensions of the space it can be brought to life in any creative capacity!

Versatility at the heart of it

Jurassic World Evolved Launch 2022

Water screens are so versatile and can be used for a range of situations including adverts, brand activations, new product launches or brand awareness. And used at leisure destinations such as theme parks, attractions or corporate events and public gatherings. Water screens are the perfect projection surface for high definition video and can really stand out to create a stand-alone, enchanting feature in any environment.

Attract attention

Latitude Festival 2022

Water Screen technology can create the illusion of holograms, augmented reality, colourful projections and surreal experiences that create a magical centrepiece capturing audiences of diverse age groups. Water Screens are enchanting vessels that help to create a story, captivating audiences and setting you apart from the competition in the process.

Get it on the gram

Ocean Park ‘Symbio’ Show

Stories, Reels, tweets – Social media is a haven of all things creative and out of the ordinary. 

A water screen provides a majestic experience like no other, giving audiences that exciting not to miss photo opportunity, that they will no doubt want to share with their friends and family.

If you’d like to see a water screen at your next event, get in touch with us today!

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