Bridge Projection


Hammersmith Bridge Awareness Drive


Outdoor promotion, bridge projection


Hammersmith Bridge, London

Six months into the sudden closure of the historic Hammersmith Bridge a local residents’ group Hammersmith Bridge SOS, who were trying to have their message heard by politicians and decision makers, contacted LCI for ideas on how to create a buzz about the bridge.

The idea was simple, the UK’s biggest ever Valentine’s Day card projected onto Hammersmith Bridge, London. The card would be from everyone with Broken Hearts over the continued closure of the 133 year old bridge and summed up in a simple but effective message:

“Broken hearts. Broken promises. Broken lives. Broken bridge.”

The effect was stunning, featuring in every major news outlet in the UK, giving residents the hope that their voices will be heard.

Based in Barnes, the journey to site on the bank of the river Thames couldn’t have been shorter for the LCI UK team. Using 2 projectors and an array of LED flood lights our team were able to have the entire bridge illuminated in a matter of minutes!

This campaign was really interesting for us because as a creative agency we are always looking for ways to reinvent spaces and deliver stories in new and impactful ways. In this case a simple twist on the guerrilla projection and building projection format was able to deliver the campaign using a memorable, eye-catching and shareable illumination.

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