Moonbow Water Screen Projection


OnePlus promotion,

Public space activation


Water screen projection


London bridge, London

OnePlus, with the help of agency Red Lion, wanted to create an eye catching activation as part of their #TrueColours campaign. They had a vision to capture something eye catching in the heart of central London using their true colour camera. They decided on a Moonbow; and in case you don’t know what a Moonbow is you can see it in action in the video below:

Moonbows are very rare and only occur naturally when light from the moon is refracted through water droplets in the air and they are usually too faint to excite the cone receptors in the human eye making it extremely difficult to discern their natural colors.

a Moonbow is made by light refracting in vapour so we’ve created this large vapour display that catches the light from the moon and creates that moonbow effect

Rob Paul, Design DIrector at LCI Producitons

So when the team at Red Lion wanted to show off the new OnePlus 9 series’ Hasselblad camera, with natural colour calibration, they thought what better way than to bring one of the world’s most beautiful and colourful natural light phenomena to London Bridge – and they approached LCI to make it happen.

Using a water screen built on site at Old Billingsgate near the river Thames on the day of the shoot we were able to throw 60 tonnes of water in the air to project onto with a made to order water screen and tank. As water screen specialists we provided a complete creative and technical production, from design, and optimised content – calibrated for water projection – to the water screen, projection hardware and site permits and permissions.

The effect was stunning, and successfully caused a stir in the press

This was a great campaign for showcasing how intriguing and mesmerizing content can be made by using the holographic, floating qualities of 3D water projection and introducing it to new interesting locations on land.

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