Immersive Sky Projection


We were commissioned by Darling Events to provide an atmospheric sky projection in a subterranean room with a curved ceiling for a private press event hosted by Primark.

The event was showcasing Primark’s latest women’s collection usign a dynamic and emotive projection mapped set.

We created a daytime skyscape over a desert, which slowly transitioned into a night time starscape for the projection mapping. Shooting stars would periodically fly past, and the whole room would transform with the lighting to complement the projection. The choice of venue was ideal for the intended effect – a curved or domed ceiling is a fantastic way to achieve an immersive experience for guests.

Our Solution:

  • 6x Optoma W316ST 3,600 lumen short throw projectors
  • 6-channel Nucleus media server by 7th Sense Design
  • LED uplighting – all controlled via DMX from a lighting desk at the control point, but were also hooked up to the 7th Sense Server to send Artnet in automated scenes
  • A single Casio XJA-257 connected to a media server loaded with AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum 5
  • Fibre optic distribution ran from the control point to all of the projectors

“The team worked so hard to make our event look absolutely stunning. We were thrilled with the end results. The guys were all lovely and we really enjoyed working with LCI.”

Andie Beall, Darling Events