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3D Projection Mapping or 3D Video Mapping has developed rapidly in the past few years, providing a new exciting transformational display for attractions, promotions, and retail experiences. The technology, techniques and software are still evolving to allow new and more advanced displays to be created, as well as lowering the price point for mapping displays.

3D Projection Mapping techniques can be used for outdoor or interior spaces, creating complete transformations for building projection or product projection, from the very small to the very large.  The only limit is creativity.  3D Projection Mapping allows dazzling and intriguing shows to be created and is also great for storytelling, or delivering a message for your campaign.

LCI has been at the forefront of the development of projection mapping, evolving from building projection using large format slides.  LCI now designs and delivers 3D Projection Mapping displays for Attractions, both for a main display as well as queue line experiences.  LCI also delivers projection mapping for both the Auto and Airline industries and has exciting projects in development.  And we are often called in to use 3D Projection Mapping for promotional activities, on both products and buildings.

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If you think that 3D Projection Mapping could be the right thing for your project then please get in touch. Our process will cover every element from initial designs and concepts, laser scanning of the building or product, or developing and building sets, through to storyboarding and animation, building equipment, and finally setup and installation at site.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We really enjoy developing concepts, and discussing ideas.


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