Public Address Systems and Communications


Public address systems are an essential element of any large-scale event due to the need to communicate with your guests to provide information on what is going on, provide safety announcements and of course assist if anyone gets lost or separated from their group. This can be delivered by loudspeakers or horns placed across your show site, linked to a central communication hub, which will cover all your announcement needs.

In partnership with PA systems, communication between your event staff is vital on a large site. Mobile phones are often ineffective at large events, and don’t allow you to communicate readily with a large group. Communication is better delivered effectively through a system of radios and repeaters to ensure a good signal over longer distances.

Both of these systems are critical for the smooth running of your event, providing clear communications, and allowing fast response times to any issues, and also crisis management.

LCI provide a full turnkey service for public address systems, audio and communications, holding in stock a large range of public address speakers and radios. LCI can design and deliver these elements for your event.

LCI has proudly been delivering the Public Address Systems, Communications and Crisis Communications for the Royal Horticultural Society for the past nine years, including the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and the world’s largest flower show at Hampton Court.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. LCI can assist with the design of the event and find the right solution for your Public Address System and Communication system, including Radio Hire and Crisis Communication centres.

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