Ocean Flower, Hainan
Water Show

LCI were commissioned by ITW to assist with show development, and provide technical design for a new theme park under construction on the Ocean Flower Island archipelago. 

The Island of Hainan forms the largest part of the southernmost province of China. Hainan is currently undergoing a large amount of development, including the new Ocean Flower Island artificial archipelago. 

LCI_Designs_Ocean Flower Park

One of the feature attractions is a large outdoor water show featuring live performance, providing a night time spectacular. 

The show will feature performers on ‘drone’ parade floats on the water, set against the backdrop of a huge water effect display and projection mapping spectacular with a projection mapped fairy-tale tower.

LCI visualisation & design Ocean Flower Park

The storyline is developed from a famous Chinese fable, and builds scene on scene with different floats, performers and larger spectacular looks in water projection and special effects.

Using a wealth of show design experience LCI were able to assist with concept development and budgeting providing a full ‘turnkey’ service.