The Island of Hainan forms the largest part of the southernmost province of China. Hainan is undergoing a large amount of development, including the new Ocean Flower Island artificial archipelago.  Ocean Flower is developing a large theme park as part of the property which is under construction.

One of the feature attractions is a large outdoor water show featuring live performance, providing a night time spectacular.  LCI were commissioned by ITW to assist with show development, and provide technical design.  The show will feature performers on ‘drone’ parade floats on the water, set against the backdrop of a huge water effect display and projection mapping spectacular with a projection mapped fairy-tale tower. The storyline is developed from a famous Chinese fable, and builds scene on scene with different floats, performers and larger spectacular looks in water projection and special effects.

If you are thinking about developing a water show or end of the night attraction, please get in contact, and we can assist with concept development and budgeting, or provide you with a full ‘turnkey’ service.

LCI Ocean Flower Park