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A 3D image floating in space is often used as an effect in science fiction movies and TV programs.  As yet technology has not developed to be able to truly create this. The closest way to do so is to create a Hologram, but currently this has limited application.

The term hologram is now commonly used to refer to any illusion which creates a floating image.  LCI is expert in the creation of these illusions with Peppers Ghost techniques, using mirrors or foil, as well as ‘hologauze’ material.

LCI will design and create a 3D illusion for your attraction, promotion or retail experiences. LCI can deliver the physical requirements for the 3D illusion, as well as develop the video content for the illusion, which is of course key for the audience experience.

Our events division holds stock of hologauze for demonstration and also for you event or promotion.

If you would like to create a 3D illusion then please get in touch and we can discuss options with you.

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