Kuala Lumpur Conference
Festival of Light


The 25th annual World Gas Conference was celebrated with the Kuala Lumpur International Light and Music Festival at the Petronas Twin Towers.  

The event was the biggest yet and so a brief of designing a spectacular light show for each of the five nights was required.  We worked with Memories Entertainment to produce the event.

Each night of entertainment included live music, Lasers, Dancing Fountains, Light Shows, 3D Projection Mapping, LED screens and Fireworks.  It was a record-breaking event for attendance, with almost 20,000 people from all over the world.

The LCI Studio designed and delivered the overall show design and provided show direction. The content for the 3D Projection Mapping for all shows was created in London by the LCI in-house team. This included CG animation, visual effects and live action film shoots, all combined to create dramatic and inspiring shows.

On site LCI oversaw a team of programmers to produce a collection of multimedia shows that filled the evenings and to cue and direct the running of the shows each night.

Show Design – Content Creation – Show Production – Show Direction