Brand Experience
Interactive Game

A New Brand Experience - Interactive Game Development and Delivery

LCI was hired by global advertising agency Iris to create an interactive game experience. The object was to promote a new contactless method of payment being offered by a bank and a mobile operator company.

Customers were now able to pay for goods by swiping their phones onto a payment terminal (known as Quick Tap) instead of using cash or cards, a system we have all now become familiar with.

Starting with an outline brief and pictures of the four characters being used in the advertising campaign, the LCI creative team set about story boarding and modelling the game components. The game coding was developed in parallel and then the assets were combined.

The movements of the characters had to be developed, each having a distinctive style. To play the game participants had to stand in front of a screen and with Infrared technology use their body to move a character, trying to ‘swipe’ objects they wanted such as drinks and sandwiches, while avoiding other objects. Points were scored and a leader board displayed the outcome at the end. A high-resolution animation loop of the characters queuing to buy products was also created to run between games.

The final game was delivered and used successfully in promotional events in twelve cities around the UK. As well as devising and creating the game, LCI also undertook these live events.

Game Development – Character design – Technology Delivery