Interactive Displays, Holograms and Projections for the Carribean's first conservation centre

The first “Our Planet” fully interactive visitor centre was launched at the beginning of June 2011.  The centre contains a range of exhibits and interactive displays seeking to promote awareness of the conservation of the Earth’s environment.

The centre was first conceptualised by the Our Planet Directors Pablo Rosenthal and Sarah Adams, who chose us as their design partner in all aspects of the project, from content to delivery.  The centre is located in La Place Caranage in Castries, St Lucia.

Two floors of the existing building were redeveloped to hold the new attraction, which included interactive displays, holograms and various projections.

Sarah Adams said to “Our Planet Centre seeks to promote awareness of conserving the earth’s environment and we believe that Saint Lucia, with its unspoiled beauty and unique variety of species, is the ideal place to start leading our conservation efforts.”

Our Planet, St Lucia