Enchanted Forest
Dancing Fountain

The multi-award winning, sell-out sound and light show is a major tourist draw for Scotland. The Enchanted Forest has become one of Scotland’s must-see autumn attractions.

The attraction is designed to extend the season of Pitlochry, which has 70,000 visitors per year, but these numbers fall off in the autumn to winter months.

The attraction is created as a walkthrough experience, during which guests can view a number of different exhibits or sensory experiences. LCI were commissioned by the Enchanted Forest Community Trust to deliver two elements for the display.

The Cascading Bridge, which summons the rhythmical magic of tumbling water, is a wooden bridgeway that had a pulsating downward rain curtain effect added to both sides, lit by rainbow coloured LED lighting, creating a great sensory experience.

LCI also delivered water effects and fountains which were used to deliver two major show pieces. ‘Oir an Usage’ was the flagship show, as well as ‘Belisama’, a Celtic inspired finale, celebrating the majesty of Lochs, lakes and rivers of the Highlands.