‘Time Pirate’
Show Spectacular

Design and Delivery of Multimedia Water Show Spectacular, Xi’an, China

LCI designed and installed a spectacular water show to entertain visitors of “Tang Paradise” a public leisure park in Xi’an, China.

The Quijiang Development Committee of Xian, China (home to the Terracotta Army) were building a vast public park, the “Tang Paradise” and wanted a spectacular show to entertain visitors.

The $4.5 million extravaganza opened to a first night audience of 28,000 people.   The 20 minute ‘Time Pirate Show’ is a fun-filled travel adventure and features multiple water screens, fountain systems, lasers, lighting and fire effects.

The creative element for the water screen takes the visitors through a journey of Chinese history with a twist of fun, to keep it on brand.  Kublai Khan, Empress Wu and the Terracotta Warriors are all brought to life to fight an epic battle with the Monkey King, the park’s mascot.

The whole show was choreographed and programmed to music composed by Chinese musician Li Jiang. Filming of the live action took place at the Beijing Film Studios under the direction of the LCI team. This footage was then combined with CG and graphic effects back in London.


The spectacular Battle of the Monkey King

Design – Show Production – Multimedia Technology – Fountains – Water Screens – Show Control